Typology – Full Skincare Routine Review

These products were sent to me for review.*

I’ve heard a lot of talk about Typology Paris and their simple skincare products. I’ve seen it described similarly to The Ordinary but without needing to be a scientist to understand which products can be used together.

The range of products are made with natural ingredients and are all vegan which is a big plus. The brand is also PETA approved.

Picture of full routine of products taken from above. These are on a wooden board with a grey blanket.

I took a thorough diagnostic test to get a full AM and PM routine worth around £140. The products pictured were selected to target my skin concerns (I missed the solid cleansing bar from this picture) For a full personalised skin routine I think it is a fair price and of course you don’t have to go for the full routine.

Picture of 4 typology serums. One is in focus at the front and the rest are blurred.


Out of the range of products I have tried, I would recommend the serums. There were four in my routine including the eye serum (RRP £12.50) radiance serum (RRP £12.80) gentle peeling serum (RRP £11.50) and dry skin serum (RRP £13.90). All the serums are fragrance free and I find they layer easily without being heavy. I am usually useless at my morning routine, but I have been enjoying using the Vitamin C radiance serum in particular. I’m not sure i’ve seen much change yet from using the eye serum so this is probably my least favourite of the four. The cleansing oil (RRP £14.90) is also a big hit for me, it’s great for taking off makeup.

Close up dropper shot of the typology vitamin C serum.


The cornflower hydrolate (RRP £9.40) seems unnecessary for me personally, I don’t use it at all. I really want to like the nourishing moisturiser (RRP £21.50) but it is so rich, even for my dry skin it feels too much so I will try it again in the winter. The hydrating night serum (RRP £21.80) is the only scented product in this routine with a botanical, plant like scent. I have other night serums that I prefer which are cheaper.

Picture of some of the typology products stood up on a wooden board with a grey blanket.

Overall, I like the simplicity of the Typology range and the prices are reasonable. I am a sucker for skincare with fragrance so that experience is missing for me. The products work well together however and having a personalised routine is a nice added touch.

Have you tried Typology Paris before?

Kate xx

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