How I Transform Frizzy Hair

frizz reducing

Naturally I have thick, curly and definitely frizzy hair. When I was younger, i.e. before straighteners were invented, I almost had a halo of frizz around my head at all times, especially when wearing a ponytail, (some of you may be able to relate!) I have definitely trained my hair to become straighter over the… Continue reading How I Transform Frizzy Hair

Sister Reviews Everyday Makeup Products

revolution lipstick

I recently asked my younger sister who also loves makeup and beauty products to write a guest blog post. I let her pick whatever she wanted to write about so she decided to write all about her favourite products for an everyday makeup look! I love having guest posts on my blog, they are usually… Continue reading Sister Reviews Everyday Makeup Products

Trying Cheap W7 Cosmetics Products (all for under £6 in total!)

* This post contains Amazon associate links. If you are unsure, this means if you purchase a product through my Amazon link I will receive an advertising fee. I have not been asked to write this post and I have purchased the products myself* A little while back I compared an eyeshadow palette from W7… Continue reading Trying Cheap W7 Cosmetics Products (all for under £6 in total!)

Budget Friendly Skincare Routine

budget skincare routine

*This post features an Amazon affiliate link. I'm going to be keeping this week's blog post short and sweet, let me know if you prefer this to my ramblings! To be honest, skincare did not use to be very high on my priorities and I didn't really know about many cheaper brands that worked. Now… Continue reading Budget Friendly Skincare Routine