Travel Mini’s Blogger Box Swap

One of my favourite things about blogging is definitely the lovely people I have met along the way. The blogger community can sometimes be targeted for negativity, however it can be overlooked that there is also so much positive sharing going on. I was inspired to continue sharing this positivity through a new blogger collaboration!… Continue reading Travel Mini’s Blogger Box Swap

Blogger Secret Santa & My Final Thoughts of 2018

As my first Christmas as a blogger, I was really happy to be able to join in a bloggers Secret Santa hosted by the amazing Casey @casestreetx (check out her blog at who did a phenomenal at job organising a gift exchange for over 40 people! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is… Continue reading Blogger Secret Santa & My Final Thoughts of 2018

How I Transform Frizzy Hair

frizz reducing

Naturally I have thick, curly and definitely frizzy hair. When I was younger, i.e. before straighteners were invented, I almost had a halo of frizz around my head at all times, especially when wearing a ponytail, (some of you may be able to relate!) I have definitely trained my hair to become straighter over the… Continue reading How I Transform Frizzy Hair

My top lip products for under £10!

lipstick budget beauty

For those that know me, it was probably already assumed that my first beauty post would be about my favourite beauty product, lipstick! I usually can't complete an outfit without a lipstick, therefore i'd love to share a few of my top lipstick discoveries on a budget price. Most of these products can be found on… Continue reading My top lip products for under £10!