Trying Primark Disney ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lipsticks

alice in wonderland lipstick

You probably already get the idea that Primark is one of my favourite shops ever for clothes. After trying some of their makeup a few months ago which you can read about here, I had some high hopes about their new Alice in Wonderland collection. I picked up this set of mini lipsticks from part of… Continue reading Trying Primark Disney ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lipsticks

How I Transform Frizzy Hair

frizz reducing

Naturally I have thick, curly and definitely frizzy hair. When I was younger, i.e. before straighteners were invented, I almost had a halo of frizz around my head at all times, especially when wearing a ponytail, (some of you may be able to relate!) I have definitely trained my hair to become straighter over the… Continue reading How I Transform Frizzy Hair

Essence Brand Review (Old Favourites and New Products)


One of the more underrated brands that I hardly ever hear anyone talking about is Essence Cosmetics. You can buy their products at Wilko and the prices are so cheap for great quality makeup items! I first found this brand on holiday in Spain, then when I found out that it was also being stocked… Continue reading Essence Brand Review (Old Favourites and New Products)