Trying Primark Beauty Products, Part 1 of 2!

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I have always loved shopping in Primark for clothes. It's a running joke among my friends and family that I am known for finding my bargains there. I always find clothes that I like, and I think that you can get great quality items that look more expensive than they are! (Sometimes it does take… Continue reading Trying Primark Beauty Products, Part 1 of 2!

Garnier vs Primark Micellar Water Review!

After discovering Micellar Water a few years ago, I said goodbye to make up wipes forever. If you know me, i've probably already got you on the bandwagon because I rave about Micellar Water so much! Buying Micellar Water instead of makeup wipes has massively cut down my spending as the product is great value… Continue reading Garnier vs Primark Micellar Water Review!